Session 9 – Healing in Equity Work Part 3: Organizational and Systemic Implications and Applications with Camille Caster-Cyprian

March 23, 2021, hosted by Kevin Lindsey

Systemic and structural racism present within our organizations contribute to the harm and trauma of people with marginalized identities. Part 3 of the Healing in Equity series explored how healing justice can be applied and operationalized within organizational equity work. We translate knowledge from the individual body to the collective body, from self-care to cultures of care. And we explored areas that institutions can align their efforts to begin shifting to a healing justice framework. Camille Caster-Cyprian is the Director of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion at the Minnesota Council on Foundations.  

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The TRUE Partnership is an informal alliance of organizations working to create a learning community for rural Minnesota social justice champions and equity advocates

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