Session 12 – Building an Inclusive Economy in Greater MN with Chet Bodin, Laura Marsolek and Jessica Miller

May 25, 2021; 2:30 – 4:00 pm

Hosted by Camille Caster-Cyprian

In this session we learned how rural communities are reframing the value of immigrant workers in their area. Jessica Miller, Chet Bodin and Laura Marsolek shared about the work taking place in the Brainerd area through the I-WE program.  

A Community Workforce Inclusion Council (CWIC) brings together a diverse group of community members to provide feedback to area employers as they develop inclusive workforce practices, in effect improving long-term employment outcomes.  High turnover among BIPOC workers in Greater Minnesota has hindered economic and social development, eroding the welcoming conditions that many rural communities in NW MN seek to cultivate.  However, this collaborative approach to inclusive workforce development gives employers the tools to manage a multi-cultural workplace and positively leverage the growing diversity of their workforce. 

Employers who engage with CWICs and demonstrate an inclusive culture are recognized with the Inclusive Workforce Employer (I-WE) Designation.  Recognized I-WE employers are promoted as such within the communities and networks represented by the CWIC. 

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