Session 16 – Immigrant and Diverse Workforce Solutions in Central MN with Tammy Biery, Sahur Hussein, & Mahado Ali

August 17, 2021; 2:30 – 4:00 pm

Hosted by Camille Caster-Cyprian, moderated by Della Ludwig.

In this session we learned how Central MN is engaging employers and immigrant job seekers through diverse workforce solutions. We heard an overview of the region’s diverse populations and hiring trends and learned about some of the programs Career Solutions leads within the immigrant community. We also heard about how one of the largest health care organizations in Minnesota is strengthening their diversity and inclusion practices through community outreach. There were methods shared used to engage Somali immigrants about career opportunities and to help employers recruit and retain immigrant workers.

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Breakout sessions focused on trivia of the Somali culture. If you are interested you may download and view the trivia questions with answers: Somali Culture Trivia

For additional resources, you may find it helpful to view the following link, handout, and video.

Link: CareerONE Youth Program

Handout: Central MN DEI Guide

Video: Career Solutions Learn and Earn

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