Session 17 – TRUE Reflection on the Past, Present, and Future with TRUE Partners: Julie Hawker, Lisa Hinz, Pablo Obregon, Kevin Lindsey & Bernadine Joselyn

September 21, 2021; 2:30 – 4:00 pm

Hosted by Camille Caster-Cyprian.

Happy 1st Anniversary to all of us in the community of TRUE Tuesdays! In this session we reflected together on the first full year of TRUE Tuesdays – what we’re all learning and how we’re each strengthening equity in our lives and communities – and talked about our intentions for the future of this partnership. We took time to hear from you, from the founding Partners, and to introduce and welcome TRUE’s new partners. We sought your input on topics you’d like to see TRUE Partners tackle in the upcoming season, and we discussed our aspiration to have an in-person gathering in June 2022.

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The TRUE Partnership is an informal alliance of organizations working to create a learning community for rural Minnesota social justice champions and equity advocates

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